Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank Review

Recently, a rather interesting tendency has been observed – more and more vapers refuse to use atomizers, preferring tanks (and sometimes drips) that work on replaceable evaporators. Naturally, lovers to wind the spiral on their own, install it and lay cotton wool, are very unhappy with this approach, believing that this is sacrilege. But on the other hand, the number of vapers who do not want to do this on their own for various reasons is a lack of time or experience (some vapers are simply afraid to do something wrong). That is why manufacturers offer tanks with a variety of evaporators. Advken recently presented (in all social networks there was a global advertising campaign) its new tank – Dark Mesh Tank, which was originally designed to use evaporators on a grid.

General information

Advken Dark Mesh Tank is an atomizer that works on a grid evaporator with a lower blow, which allows you to get excellent taste and bulk indicators. Despite the somewhat biased attitude of the vapers, the tank turned out to be very worthy, since with it the viper will not spend time on self-installing coils and replacing cotton wool – as soon as the taste of the liquid changes noticeably, it is enough to simply install a new evaporator. Especially for this tank, Advken developed evaporators on a grid of two modifications, but of the same resistance, so the vaper will get great taste and bulk. Today, Advken offers Dark Mesh Tank in only two versions – polished steel and matt black, but other colors may also appear over time.


This is not to say that this tank is equipped somehow in a special way, since atomizers working on evaporators are difficult to supplement with anything other than the standard set of special stages. Therefore, in a vaper box, waiting for:

  • Atomizer Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank with pre-installed 0.15 Ohm Triple Mesh Coils inside vaporizer;
  • Spare evaporator Single Mesh Coils inside resistance 0.15 Ohm;
  • Spare Orings;
  • Spare bubble –glass;
  • Cloth for polishing atomizer;
  • User’s manual;
  • Certificate of quality.

Appearance and design

Advken designers who constantly work on the design of their devices should be praised. Dark Mesh Tank is made in the best traditions of the company, as the tank immediately attracts attention with its strict appearance. Despite the relatively large size, the atomizer looks decent – strictly and at the same time a little pathetic, but this is unlikely to stop many vapers. If we talk about the decorations of the tank, you would think that numerous recesses and notches are the decor, but in fact they have a very practical purpose – on the top cover they allow for quick refueling, and in the lower part – with the help of notches, the airflow is adjusted.

The landing diameter of the Advken Dark Mesh Tank is 24 mm, so it can be used without any problems on almost any box mod. The tank is equipped with the 810th non-oreing drip type from the now fashionable resin, but if desired, you can use any drip type from your collection.

Special attention should be paid to the tank capacity. The manufacturer offers a 6 ml reservoir, but there is one feature – such a capacity when using Single Mesh Coils inside, if you use Triple Mesh Coils inside, then the tank will have a capacity of 5 ml.

Evaporators, airflow and usage features

Advken developed grid-based evaporators specifically for the Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank. Single Mesh Coils inside evaporators feature one grid and Triple Mesh Coils inside are three, with both evaporators having a resistance of 0.15 ohms. The use of these evaporators is recommended at 50-80 watts and 80-110 watts respectively. This design of the evaporators allows you to perfectly convey the taste of the liquid, providing the vaper also in bulk.

Installation of evaporators is extremely simple – you just need to screw the top cover, remove the glass and unscrew the old evaporator, installing a new one in its place. The procedure takes only a couple of minutes, but before installing a new evaporator, do not forget to pour a little liquid into it so that the cotton wool is saturated, otherwise the garik cannot be avoided.

Refueling Advken Dark Mesh Tank is not difficult – just slide the top cover in a straight line and pour 5 or 6 ml of liquid into the tank, depending on the evaporator used. Blowing the bottom, adjustable with a massive ring at the base of the tank.

Conclusions and impressions

We can confidently say that the Advken Dark Mesh Tank is a maintenance-free tank, but many lovers of tasty and fragrant steam will definitely like it. The use of branded evaporators in it can, of course, scare the vapers, but the fact that you can, with almost no effort, get excellent taste and bulk can not but rejoice.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • With completely open airflow, a strange rustle is heard;
  • There are only two types of evaporators;
  • The color scheme is limited.


  • Strict appearance;
  • Large tank volume;
  • Ease of maintenance and use;
  • Grid evaporators;
  • Excellent flavor and bulk.

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