How to Install a Black Pendant Light?

Pendant lights are possible one of the most essential types of lights to set up in homes. These not just add a stylish décor but are practical as well in lighting up the dark areas of homes. Such kinds of lights are useful, given that you can place these illuminants in almost any room of your home. Before you choose a black pendant light, it is essential that you know how to install it.

Choose the right location

First of all, you have to decide which room your black pendant light will be set up in. You should also take a decision on whether a downlight or an inverted pendant suits your room the best.

Downlight pendant lights can be the best choice in case your space needs more direct light, and can be ideal fixtures for subtle illumination. These direct the light down, and create more direct type of illumination. These are perfect for work spaces, desks and kitchen islands.

Inverted pendants consist of lamps facing the ceiling, which can lead to better ambient illumination. A mini black pendant light might be a better option in case you need to add lighting to a small spot of your home. These can be a better alternative if you have to add some additional lighting in a reading nook or book shelf. If you cluster all such small pendants together, it can be an attractive and effective way to get more illumination when multiple pendants seem to be sufficient.

Metal Pendant Lights
Metal Pendant Lights

Installation of the illuminant

Once you have chosen the location and type of your pendant, you have to know how to set it up.

Ensure that you choose the pendant light in a proper length, before you start the installation.

Turn the power off. When you set your black pendant light up, safety is the most vital aspect that you have to keep in mind. Ensure that you shut the power supply off in the main circuit box of your house. Make use of a circuit tester and make sure that the power is turned off, before you start the installation.

Take off the old fixture. Make loose all the screws that hold the illuminant fixture in position. Take care while removing the fixture from its mounting brackets. After the fixture is taken out of the brackets, also take the mounting brackets off.

Black Pendant Light
Black Pendant Light

Set up the new mounting bracket in place. Affix the new bracket to the black pendant light’s junction box. Often, the bottom of new mounting brackets will consist of open bolts that have to be sealed with cap nuts.

Next, you have to attach the wires. Go through the instructions of the manufacturer with care, so as to attach the wires to the new illuminant fixture. Usually, it is better to match white-to-white and black-to-black.

Make use of wire nuts in order to secure the wire connections. Over the mounting bracket, you to have to join the green ground screw to the bare ground wire. The wire might also be a white striped, black color one. Put the black pendant light over the bracket’s bolts, and start to attach its mounting caps.

Pendant Lighting Fixtures Industrial
Pendant Lighting Fixtures Industrial 

Turn on your new light and enjoy the illumination.

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