WOTOFO Bravo RTA Review

The company Wotofo even calmed down a little, but still continues to actively produce new items. The first rumors about the new Bravo RTAappeared quite a long time ago, but officially the tank was presented to the public only a couple of days ago. I propose to look at the new flagship and try to draw some conclusions about its competitiveness. 
Bravo by Wotofo -
For the most part, I like Wotofo products . It should be clarified that now I’m talking about atomizers, because the situation with the boxes from this manufacturer is incomprehensible. Until recently, my favorite was Troll RTA , then SMM replaced him in this post , who had to give up his place to Bravo. Seriously, tank, IMHO, looks very cool. 

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Bravo by Wotofo -
I was already so tired of patterned solutions with tanks, that any unusual detail impresses me. In the case of the hero of this review, I was attracted to the corrugated parts of the body. Having tried to imagine a tank without this feature, I realized that it is thanks to them that it looks so stylish. By the way, for me, the black version of the tank overshadowed all the others. Yes, and the logo on the dome adds originality to the appearance 🙂 
Bravo by Wotofo -
Dimensions : 

Height – 48.9 mm. 
Diameter – 25 mm. 
Weight – 40 g. 
Bravo by Wotofo -
Specifications : 

As is often the case, releasing a new device, the company immediately announced its uniqueness, advancement, etc. I agree that BravoInteresting enough, but I haven’t found any super innovative solutions. Just a good bachek with very good chances of success. I have an ambiguous first impression about the serviced base of this atomizer. Yes, everything looks interesting and fresh, but I will not believe in practicality and convenience until I personally try it. 

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Bravo by Wotofo -Bravo by Wotofo -
Everything works as follows – each rack has two screws and one fixing platform. First, you unwind the middle screws, and then, by unscrewing the extreme, lower the pad itself. Having established spirals, by the same principle you lift the platform – that’s all. As for me, everything is quite confusing and it will not come out right away. By the way, the system reminded me of what OBS offered in its drips.
Bravo by Wotofo -
There is nothing difficult to find in the blowing system, even with great desire. An interesting point I would call the fact that the nozzles in the base itself are made a little at an angle. I wonder how it will affect the result. At one time, I rather actively used the Troll RTA . What I liked most about this tank was the combination of compactness and a spacious liquid tank. The tank contained as much as 5 ml, while competitors rarely went beyond 3-3.5 ml. In Bravo , I like the situation even more.
Bravo by Wotofo -
By default, the glass is set to 4.5 ml, but if you use the additional “blown” glass, the indicator will increase to 6 ml. At the same time, the tank does not look like a huge, pot-bellied monster. With the refueling system they decided not to subtilize. Thanks to the knurling on the case, it will be possible to remove the top cover even previously with a very good wetting of the hands. 
Bravo by Wotofo -

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